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A Step By Step Guide

Submission Guidelines

There are two ways to submit your research into DSpace. Repository staff can deposit the work on your behalf or you can undertake the process by yourself. This method is known as self-archiving.
If you would like the Repository team to archive materials on your behalf, please email your work to Special Collections Department.
Alternatively, you can deposit your work using the self-archiving process detailed below.

To begin: Go to

Step I: Login to DSpace
  1. If you already have an account, log in with your user name and password. Otherwise, use the Click here to register. link to create a new account.

    Sign in to DSpace

  2. Enter your email address and click Register. Use your NDU email address (

    New user registration

  3. A Verification email will be sent to your account

    email verification

    Click the URL in the email and fill in all the required fields to create your profile, then Click Complete Registration.

Step II: Submission steps
  1. Login to DSpace.
  2. Select a Community, the select Sub-communities within this community and choose a Collection to submit an item to.
  3. Click "Submit a new item to this collection".
  4. The Describe Item screen will open:

    Describe Item

    Complete the following:
    • Author(s)*: Use the name as given on the Research/ or Thesis title page. Enter the last name in the first box and the first name, middle name or initial in the second box.
    • Title*: Type the original title of the item.
    • Date of Issue*: Add the date of the publication.
    • Type*: Select the type of content of the item, e.g. Thesis, etc.
    • Language*: From the drop-down list, choose the language of the item.
    • Other Titles: Add any other titles that appear on the item. As an example, parallel title or translated title.
    • Publisher: Type the name of the publisher of the item if applicable.
    • Citation: Copy and paste the citation of your original work.
    • Series/Report No.: Enter the series and paper number assigned to this item.
    • Identifiers: Choose the identifiers and enter any numbers or codes associated with the item.
    Click NEXT >

  5. At Describe Item screen II

    Describe Item 2

    Complete the following:
    • Subject Keywords*: Add your work keywords, one keyword per line. Click Add to submit additional keywords.
    • Abstract*: Copy and paste the abstract from your Thesis/Research paper, if available.
    • Sponsors: Add the name of your department at Notre Dame University-Louaize. As for the thesis, copy and paste statements from The Title Page such as “Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences of Notre Dame University”.
    • Description: Add the date the degree was granted, the physical description of the item including the number of pages, as well as the notes such as “Includes bibliographical references and index”.
    Click NEXT >

Step III: Access Settings
This step allows staff and students to place their work under an embargo period of one or two years.


Complete the following:
  • Embargo until specific date*: Add the date until which the item will be embargoed. On that date, the work will be made accessible in DSpace.
  • Embargo reason: Enter the reason for the embargo.
Click NEXT >

Step IV: Upload File(s)
At this point, you can upload the item or bitstream to which your description refers. Complete the following:
File*: Click Browse to find and select the saved file from your computer.
File Description: Enter a description of the file such as “Main article”, “PowerPoint presentation”, etc.

Upload File(s)

Click Upload file & add another, File will be uploaded as shown below

Files Uploaded

Click NEXT >

Step V: Review Submission
This step allows authors to review and edit wrong data or check for missing information. Click the "Correct one of these" button for the section you want to edit and make the correction.
Click NEXT >

Step VI: License Your Work
Select the Creative Commons licenses that you want to apply to your work, then Click NEXT >

cc License

Step VII: Distribution License
Click the "I Grant the License" button to complete the “Submission”.

After submitting items to the repository, NDU Libraries IR team will check the data and verify the rights in order to publish the item and make it accessible for patrons.

If you have any questions or need additional support, please email

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