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NDU Institutional Repository

NDU Institutional Repository (DSpace)

An Institutional Repository (IR) is a digital archive of the intellectual output of an institution accessible to others worldwide over the Internet. "It is a set of services offered by a university or group of universities to members of its community for the management and dissemination of scholarly materials in digital format created by the institution and its community members, such as e-prints, technical reports, theses and dissertations, data sets, and teaching materials" (Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science (ODLIS)).

In other words, an Institutional Repository (IR) is an electronic system that captures, preserves, and provides access to the digital research outputs of the scientific and scholarly of an institution, where search and recovery are allowed for its subsequent for national or international use.

The Notre Dame University Libraries Institutional Repository (Dspace) supports and advances the mission of the University of Notre Dame University-Louaize which is to 'foster excellence in scholarship and lifelong learning, and to educate students to be future leaders who can exercise reason based upon knowledge' (Notre Dame University-Louaize Strategic Plan, 2014-2019).

The goal of Notre Dame University Libraries Institutional Repositories (IR) is to collect, store, preserve, manage and make all the scientific and scholarly production of Notre Dame University-Louaize easily accessible in a more effective and open way.

By making the digital research and scientific output easily available, Institutional Repository (IR) will facilitate the transference of knowledge within NDU, and maximize the visibility, use and impact of the scientific and scholar production in the international community. Thus, the Institutional Repositories will promote the creation of electronic publications, encourage feedback on research, and support the development of a pedagogical environment rich in information.

As a starting point, the Notre Dame University Libraries Institutional Repository (Dspace) will contain the following kinds of documents in digital format including: Pre-prints and post-prints of papers published in journals in compliance with relevant copyright legislation, Doctoral theses, Master theses, and Audio-visual materials for congresses or other activities produced by NDU members.

Adding Materials
Notre Dame University Faculty members, Staff and Graduate students are eligible to engage in self-archiving of their digitally-born materials within the institutional repository.

Graduate students can submit their thesis by filling out the Theses and Dissertations Submission Form. Before submitting please review the Guidelines and Submission Guidelines pages. In addition, make sure your thesis follows the formatting requirements specified in The Notre Dame University Guide to the Preparation of Theses.

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