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Thesis Submission

Thesis Submission

Notre Dame University Libraries Institutional Repository (DSpace) publishes theses produced only under the auspices of Notre Dame University-Louaize. Students are required to deposit a copy of the final and approved version of their thesis in electronic format in the Institutional Repository. Each thesis will be made freely available on the web via the Institutional Repository unless the thesis is restricted.

Before submitting a paper to the repository, please complete the following:

  • Make sure your thesis follows the formatting requirements specified in The Notre Dame University Guide to the Preparation of Theses.
  • Make sure your thesis consists of a single PDF file and is kept to a reasonable size.
  • Make sure that you have permission to include any third party copyright material in the electronic version of the thesis. Third party copyright refers to copyrighted material other than your own, and includes extracts of texts from publications such as books and journals, or illustrations such as images, maps, photographs, etc.
  • In case you have not been unable to seek all permission from the third party, you need to remove the copyrighted material and replace it with a clarifying statement, e.g. "This photograph has been removed by the author for copyright reasons".
  • Use the Creative Commons License for your thesis. CC licenses are copyright licenses that provide a simple and standardized way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work on conditions of your choice. Further details can be found at
  • Upload one electronic copy of the thesis to the University’s Institutional Repository (DSpace).
  • The final PDF thesis file submitted electronically to the University’s Institutional Repository (DSpace) must have a signed Approval Page. Students are requested to scan the signed Approval Page and combine it to their thesis before submitting the PDF file.
  • The Theses and Dissertations Submission Form must be completed, electronically signed and submitted. Your thesis cannot be sent for examination until we receive the form signed by you.
  • You can seek permission for an embargo period that restricts all access to your thesis by filling the embargo section in the Theses and Dissertations Submission Form. The length of the embargo should be limited to a maximum of two years. Following the end of the requested embargo period, your thesis will automatically be made available publically in the normal way.
Once all this is in place, click on the NDU Institutional Repository Submission Guidelines and follow the steps to deposit your thesis.

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