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Library Directory

Mariam and Youssef (Main) Library – Zouk Mosbeh Campus

NDU Libraries
Mr. Maroun El Rayess, Interim University Librarian
Ms. Itab Chebli, Administrative Assistant to the University Librarian

Research and Academic Engagement

Mr. Maroun El Rayess, Assistant University Librarian for Research and Academic Engagement

      Department of Academic Engagement

      Ms. Pina Ghsoub Bou Raad, Specialist - Head

      Department of Access Services

      Ms. Carole Chedid, Assistant Librarian
      Ms. Julienne Abboud, Assistant Librarian
      Ms. Mireille Kassis Jarjour, Assistant Librarian
      Mr. Georges Mghayar, Library Assistant

      Office of NDU Publications
      Ms. Lydia Chidiac Zgheib,Officer, Publishing

      Department of Research and Instruction
      Ms. Christiane Jaber, Librarian-Head

Collection Management
Ms. Charla Chebl, Assistant University Librarian for Collection Management

      Department of Cataloging
      Ms. Christine Noujeim Bou Yammine, Assistant Librarian

      Department of E-Resources and Acquisitions
      Ms. Maya Tannous, Specialist-Head
      Ms. Dany Nasr, Assistant Librarian
      Ms. Petra Najem Nafaa, Assistant Librarian

      Department of Special Collections
      Ms. Rita Mehanna, Assistant Librarian
      Ms. Grace Baroud, Assistant Specialist
      Ms. Talin Agob, Assistant Specialist
      Ms. Zeina Fahed, Assistant Specialist

      Department of Collection Development
      Ms. Domingua Abboud, Senior Specialist - Head

Department of Library Information Systems
Mr. Amine Moussa, Senior Specialist - Head

Institute of Lebanese Thought
Mr. Sami Salameh,Senior Specialist

Ms. Vera Jabbour,Officer

Ms. Denise Nassif Saad, Library Assistant

Ms. Carina Hawat Mansour, Specialist - Head
Ms. Suzanne Doumit Saad, Library Assistant  

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