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Materials suitable to be accepted as gifts
Unacceptable Materials
Conditions of Gift Acceptance
Exchange materials
Appraisals and Income Tax Deductions for donors in the United States

The Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) Libraries have acquired, organized and made resources available to users since 1987. The Libraries are challenged to provide resources in different formats including printed books and journals, sound recordings, maps, videos and computer files. Every library wants to excel in placing materials in the hands of its users, and every library has limitations as for collecting everything needed. Libraries make purchases, obtain materials through exchange programs, and borrow materials from other libraries, however gifts offer a valuable opportunity to enrich, broaden and build the libraries collections for the benefit of current and future users. The NDU Libraries welcome and encourage gifts that support the University's academic programs and the scholarly, teaching and research interests of the NDU community.
This document states the general policies of the NDU Libraries, Acquisitions Department, which is responsible for the acceptance or rejection of gifts, as well as the exchange of materials with other institutions.
  • Gift
    A gift is a book, periodical, public document, equipment, scholarly research, peer journal, rare or general interest item that is in good physical condition and is given to the library at no charge to it. A gift may also be a cash donation to be used towards the purchase of library materials in memory or honor of an individual.
  • Exchange
    An exchange is library materials obtained through a cooperative institutional agreement between the NDU Libraries and other libraries, universities or research institutions.

Materials suitable to be accepted as gifts
  • Items that strengthen and complement the Libraries collections in depth and scope.
  • Materials that are of academic nature or that are suitable for the learning, teaching and research interests of the NDU user community.
  • Monographs that are authored by NDU faculty.
  • Replacement of missing items, especially those that complete a series set.
  • Journal issues that fill gaps in completing the run of a title that is already owned by the NDU Libraries.
  • Government and community services publications.

Unacceptable Materials
  • Scattered issues or short runs of journals or magazines.
  • Current or back issues of newspapers.
  • Popular journals or magazines(i.e. Time, National Geographic, etc.).
  • Computer software manuals, handbooks and guides published more than three years ago.
  • Very old and/or irrelevant science and technology books.
  • Standard editions of classic works that duplicate the Libraries collections.
  • Duplicated copies of reference materials, and outdated textbooks.
  • Marked, defaced, soiled and deteriorated items, in particular, materials that have been stored in a humid or dirty storage facility (i.e. a basement) or which have a musty smell and/or show signs of mold, or items that would incur a high cost of repair/maintenance.
  • Photocopies and suspected pirate copies of materials.
  • Materials with owner’s marks from other institutions or organizations, which are not clearly marked as having been withdrawn or discarded.
  • Materials of suspicious ownership.

Conditions of Gift Acceptance
Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they become the property of the NDU Libraries upon receipt and, as such, the NDU Libraries reserve the right to determine its retention, location, cataloging treatment, processing treatment, and other considerations related to its use, maintenance or removal.
Materials not appropriate to the collection may be exchanged with other libraries, sold at a very modest price in a book sale, given away on suitable public areas on campus, recycled or simply discarded. Only under very special arrangements will gift items be returned to donors.
For All Donors
  • All donors must fill out and sign a Donor Form (Link to Donor Form) that officially transfers ownership of the donated materials to the NDU Libraries.
  • A written acknowledgment in the appropriate language (English, Arabic or French) for all donated items will be sent to the donors, with a carbon copy sent to appropriate University administrators, unless the donors specifically request not to be acknowledged in this manner.
  • A note will be inserted into the bibliographic record of the item in the NDU Library Catalog acknowledging the donors of the item, unless the donors specifically request not to be acknowledged in this manner.
  • Other forms of acknowledgement, including bookplates inserted in individual items and/or wall plaques recognizing significant donors, may be implemented upon the discretion of the NDU Libraries, unless the donors specifically request not to be acknowledged in this manner.
  • For small numbers of items, donors are encouraged to drop off or mail gift materials to the attention of:

Acquisitions Department
Main Library
Notre Dame University-Louaize
P.O. BOX: 72 Zouk Mikhael
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon

For Significant Donations of Materials
  • Prior to sending any materials, donors are encouraged to send a list (print or electronic) of titles including information such as author, title, edition, publisher, publication year, etc. for verification of duplication and content suitability; remarks about the physical conditions of the items would be welcome and helpful.
  • Donors should contact the library in advance for information on optimum delivery method prior to sending the materials to the Library.

Exchange materials
The NDU Libraries strive to maintain as balanced an exchange program as possible. The Acquisitions Department will manage the program by:
  • Maintaining an inventory of materials available for exchange.
  • Seeking out and responding to exchange partners and handling all follow-up contacts.
Materials available for exchange: Click here to fill the NDU Libraries Exchange Materials Form
Donate Materials
To donate materials to the NDU Libraries please contact the Acquisitions, Gifts & Exchange Department
Appraisals and Income Tax Deductions for donors in the United States
The appraisal or establishment of a gift's value for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. Neither the NDU Libraries nor the University can provide estimates of monetary value for any donation. However, the NDU Libraries may provide reference assistance to donors in using standard sources related to valuation of library materials e.g. Books in Print, dealers’ catalogs, Book find, etc. Donors of gifts with an estimated value between $500 and $5,000 should consult IRS publication 526, charitable contributions and/or publication 561, determining the value of Donated Property, both available from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Donors of gifts exceeding $5,000 in value should also consult these publications and should discuss tax considerations with an attorney or accountant.
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